jessica alba
Are you a fan of Jessica Alba?

Check out her hairstyle! We sure love it! What do you think?

awesome bun
Awesome Bun

Be more creative in your everyday styles! A normal bun is awesome but how about a bow bun? Would you dare to try it.

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In this hot summer weather, there are not many hair styles you can pull off. Try this hairstyle for a care-free summer look that is both easy and practical.

Prim hairstyle

Be more creative in your everyday styles! A normal bun is awesome but how about a bow bun? Would you dare to try it.

perfect beach hair Heating the beach ?

Why not try this perfect beach hair do? But remember to Oil your hair with Dabur Amla Jasmine before shampoo to protect it from the Harsh sun.

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Braides never go out of style, specially in this hot weather. Try this lovely braid and tell us if you like it.

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We continue our series for long amla nourished hairstyles. How about a little 'braid' style.

Awesome curl hairstyle Awesome Curls

This week we will teach you how to do awesome curls with no heat! Get the look you always wanted without hurting your hair at all! .

Elegant look hairstyle
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This one is for all the lazy days! Learn how to do this super easy yet cute hairstyle without breaking a sweat! Click like if you want to try it.

Hair Highlights Do you have highlighted hair?

Learn to bring out its beauty by this simple hairstyle! And remember to use Dabur Amla Jasmine to keep it shiny and healthy.

Stunning hair look Want to look perfect for an occasion without visiting a hairdresser?

Make sure you apply Dabur Amla hair serum on your hair before styling it, to get that healthy, shiny, and stunning look.

simple quick hairstyle Have an important occasion but you don't want to waste time at the hairdresser?

Try this gorgeous look.

Color Your hair
Hair Coloring
Coloring the end of your hair will give

you a fun, and unique look while also adding sparks to your style. But make sure your hair is strong enough to handle it, by using Dabur Amla Hair oil before every shower..

Vintage Look Hairstyle
Beautiful Hairstyle New Hairstyle

This week's hair style is suitable for the hot weather of summer and will give you a unique and beautiful look! Don't forget to nourish your hair with Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil to have the perfect style .

Special Look Hairstyle
Gorgeous Look Hairstyle Look Gorgeous

Any outing is an occasion to celebrate your beautiful hair! Try this lovely hair do to look gorgeous this summer.

Winter hairstyle

Winter can give you a challenge when it comes to hairstyles. But here’s a super easy & perfect hairstyle that you will love, for your winter days!.

Look Gorgeous Hairstyle Shorthair HairStyle

Searching for an interesting way to style your short hair?
If you are, then this DaburAmla do-it-yourself hairstyle is perfect for you! Try it today for that gorgeous look!.

Amazing Look Hairstyle Braid Hairstyle

The Issue with hair is that it keeps getting into your eyes. Use this amazing braid hair style to keep you hair open and out of your eyes.

Amazing Look hairstyle

Long hair can be a handful, as it's diffcult to manage. But with the proper set of instructions, you can rock your look with a gorgeous hairstyle. For this week, try this amazing hair do.

Awesome Retro hairstyle

Old hairstyles don't have to go out of style! Check out this awesome retro hairstyle that would give you a classy look today.