Dabur Amla Hair Oil

A special blend of natural oils with the goodness of Vitamin E, Amla Hair Oil nourishes hair by replenishing the natural oils of the scalp. For generations, Dabur Amla Hair Oil has nourished hair from the root to tip, making it long,strong, dark & beautiful.

Dabur Amla Hair oil is the largest selling Hair Oil in the world reflecting the trust that consumers all over the world have placed in Dabur Amla ..

Dabur Amla Hair Oil


  • Take a little Hair Oil in your palm and rub it with both hands..
  • Now using the tips of your fingers massage onto your scalp .If you do it right you will feel a slight tingly sensation. This is the sign that the oil is working
  • Gently apply on the entire length of hair from near the root to the tip. Leave the hair oil on for sometime before washing it off.
  • Or you can massage a little Hair Oil just before your shower and the oil will work on both levels- first it will help the oil penetrate your scalp, and second, it will let the Dabur Amla Hair Oil nourish & strengthen hair from the roots.