Did you know that your hair strands consist of layers? Each strand of hair on your head has an outer layer called the cuticle layer. This cuticle layer serves to protect the inner layer called the cortex. Moreover, the cuticle layer is actually made up of overlapping scales. One advantage that you can get from leave on conditioners is that it keeps these overlapping scales of your hair's cuticle flat and properly sealed.

It's very important that these scales making you your hair's cuticle layer are flat and aligned. When these scales are flat, they give your hair a smooth and shiny appearance. Keeping these scales flat also help keep the moisture locked within your hair strands, making these individual strands plump and soft to the touch.

After wash conditioning is meant to shield hair from damage and repair whatever damage it has already sustained. It does this by coaxing the cuticles to lie flat, infusing your strands with restorative nutrients, as well as locking in these nutrients and moisture in your hair. Basis your hair type and the styling need you have it can required one of the two kinds of postwash conditioning :
  • More nourishing in case your hair feels damaged and dry
  • More styling in case your hair feels rough and doesn’t have enough shine

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